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I help leaders facing challenges

Executive coaching for leaders helps improve conditions that you face in the world of work and life. Through confidential conversations, we work together to recognize blind your spots. These are blind spots that hold you back. They can lead to poor relationships, decision-making, and organizational culture.

I synthesize multi-disciplinary research in leadership, adult development, psychology, personality, lived-experience, and adult education. And I make it accessible to leaders who support better workplaces, organizations and society.

What I Can Do For You

James Marlatt Executive Coaching
James Marlatt PhD MBA P.Eng. Certified Executive Coach

Executive Coaching for Leaders

Executive Coaching

I help leaders facing challenges in the workplace. Our focused conversations can lead to lasting solutions to your problems. These are problems that can impact both work and life.

Team Development

Team development can result in improved communication. As a result,reduced conflict and better decision making will improve the bottom line.

Leader Assessments

Confidential on-line assessment reports can help leaders to develop self awareness. When you understand the impact of your leadership style you can be more effective.

About Me

I am an executive coach for leadership support and development. I collaborate with leaders to help improve conditions that they face in the world of work and life. Through confidential conversations we work together to recognize blind spots. Blind spots can hold you back and lead to poor relationships, decision-making, and organizational culture.

My Professional Background

Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University, Masters in Human Development, Masters in Business Administration, Certified Executive Coach, Geologist, Geophysicist, and Professional Engineer. Accredited in over 25 psychometric and competency-based leadership assessment instruments including customized narrative “360” feedback.

Fellow, Institute for Social Innovation, Fielding Graduate University with a project focused on developing collaborative communities-of-practice.

Background in the fields of business, coaching, leadership development, adult development, organization development, culture change, and education. (35 years)

Scholar-Practitioner: Knowledge of theories and practices that are driving leadership innovations, including qualitative inquiry, systems-thinking, adult development, transformative learning, action learning and coaching.

Writer: I am the author of publications on transformative coaching. These include a doctoral dissertation, book chapters and papers. The titles include: When Coaching Connects – A Phenomenological Study of Transformative Learning and Relationship, The Transformative Potential of Conversations with Stranger, and Coaching Through Communicative Embodied Awareness. I have contributed to over 30 publications in the social and natural science fields.

Researcher: Scholar-practitioner engaged in action research investigating the nature of collaboration. With a role as the research coordinator for the From Strangers to Collaborators multi-national and multi-institutional project. The project involved Fielding Graduate University, University of the Virgin Islands, and the University of Lodz, Poland. I am also a co-researcher in the Apex Leaders action research project. This research is a collaboration with Dr. David B. Haddad and is studying the nature of the decision making patterns of top leaders.

Educator: I provide alum teaching support to Fielding Graduate University School of Leadership Studies and as an adjunct teacher for the University of the Virgin Islands Creative Leadership and Innovative Change program. I am an expert education and technical training consultant in sustainable resource development to the International Atomic Energy Agency Including expert missions to China, Venezuela, Nepal, Egypt Saudi Arabia, Austria.

Coach: Experience advising, consulting and coaching leaders and senior teams within corporate, private and non-profit organizations. Coaching credentials from Royal Roads University and Fielding Graduate University.

Business Leader and Consultant: I have over 40 years of experience including international roles from the front-line to the board-room in public and private organizations. This includes experience as the Director of Global Exploration for Cameco Corporation. In this role I developed business opportunities and projects in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North & South America. Additional former roles include the Director of Cameco Mongolia, Managing Director of Cameco Australia, and Board Member of Energy Resources of Australia. Other roles included President of Uravan Minerals and Raven Minerals Corp. The later involved raising private equity and the development of a global strategic alliance with BHP BIlliton, a major international company.

I am the current owner of Marlatt Coaching & Consulting where I practice as an executive coach and organization development consultant to senior and emerging leaders. I work with leaders and their executive teams in companies across many sectors. In addition I am the owner / partner of Geototal Group Ltd., a start-up company specializing in forensic geochemistry.